CROSHIELD Supplies Body Armor To Ukrainian Ministry Of Defence

2023-04-17 04:30:34 By : Ms. Linda Zhang

CROSHIELD is a Croatian body armor manufacturer that was founded by Mr. Drazen Frkovic in 2006. They are a leading manufacturer in Eastern Europe of ballistic vests, body armor plates and tactical gear. had the opportunity to interview Mr. Frkovic, who is the CEO of CROSHIELD to learn more about the company and speak about its origins, its clients and future projects. Bulletproof Body Armor Plate

CROSHIELD Supplies Body Armor To Ukrainian Ministry Of Defence

“We were a company that started in the garage,” Mr. Frkovic explained, “and today, we sell 30,000 items all around the world. Before starting this company, I was employed in a textile company. After six months, I decided to start my own business.

“Body armor is something that found me; I didn’t find the business, the business found me. So, I founded the brand in 2006 and, step by step, we succeeded. Now, we are a company who can provide high-quality vests to our customers.

“Our mission is to become globally well-known and to be reliable partners to end-users of our products. We use materials from world-leading manufacturers including polyethylene and hybrid solutions. We follow up on the latest technologies to use it in our new products.”

This year, because of the ongoing war, CROSHIELD’s biggest client is the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. Otherwise, they have supplied the Netherlands’ ambulance team with ballistic vests. Kuwait, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East are among their other clients.

“We invest a lot in R&D,” Mr. Frkovic said, “We try to improve details and materials which we use. The difference between us and other companies is that we are focused on satisfying our clients.

“After we develop a product and provide it to the customer, we also look forward to their feedback, We update the product according to their needs and suggestions. Within three years, the product is perfect.”

In the future, CROSHIELD hopes to expand their client-base to include the US market. They aim to find a good distributor and start selling in the US, since that is the only market in which they are not present.

“We started from ground zero,” Mr. Frkovic said, “and now, after 16 years of business, every year we grow bigger and expand more. So our aim, in 50 years, is to be one of the famous body armor manufacturers.”

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CROSHIELD Supplies Body Armor To Ukrainian Ministry Of Defence

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